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A fun and easy side business with little effort. No previous paddling or business experience required. Fill in your details and we'll be in touch.

We're looking for you - run an easy and profitable side business 

We are looking for you to start a KAYAKOMAT - the unmanned SUP and Kayak rental. We are the world’s leading SUP and kayak rental company. 

This will suit you who is looking for a profitable and fun side business (4-6 hours/week). Starting a KAYAKOMAT suits those who want to run their own business, but avoid administrative work as well as have a stable and solid parent company to lean on if required. As a KAYAKOMAT operator you will ensure that the KAYAKOMAT is in good condition, promote the station locally and provide good customer service.   

Start a KAYAKOMAT in your area 

Kayaking is an activity that has been growing in popularity. KAYAKOMAT by Point 65 Sweden was introduced in 2020 and quickly became a success in Sweden. Since 2022, we have expanded abroad to Denmark and Spain! Be a part of our journey and start renting in your area.  


Established KAYAKOMATs

30 000+

Satisfied Customers 2022





How Does Kayakomat Work?

Booking is done through our website . There you can choose the day, time and location for your paddling. Booking confirmation is sent through email and SMS. 

Unlock and take out your equipment. When the rental period starts, you can unlock your kayak with your code, this is sent through email and SMS, and then take out the kayak. Life jackets and other accessories are in the compartment.  

Welcome out on the water! Enjoy a nice paddle, before cleaning and returning the equipment to its compartment.

 KAYAKOMAT is available in Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland and Canada. Please visit our website  


Why start a KAYAKOMAT? 

Proven Success

In the Summer of 2022, 30,000 paddlers used KAYAKOMAT. KAYAKOMAT is available at 105 locations throughout 6 countries and is expanding rapidly. Sharing economy at sea is appreciated.


Low Investment

The investment needed is only 10000 CAD, bringing the possibility of a fun and profitable side business that largely takes care of itself thanks to the fact that it is unmanned. Maybe you’ll even get a new hobby from this purchase?  


Established Brand 

A developed booking system, smart locks, high quality kayaks and a marketing team that reaches out properly. All this generates bookings and satisfied customers. Behind KAYAKOMAT is the world-leading kayak manufacturer Point65. 

Kayakomat is now present in Spain, Germany, 
Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and Canada. 


Start a KAYAKOMAT – Frequently asked questions

What does a KAYAKOMAT operator do? 

Your tasks as an operator are: 

 Maintenance. Keeping it clean and fresh. Every customer promises to leave the equipment in good condition, but sometimes an overhaul is still needed from the operator. Local involvement and marketing for your location. Contact hotels, tourist offices and businesses in your area. Customer Service. You’ll never notice most customers, but when someone needs help, your number is there to call. Most situations can easily be resolved remotely.  

What is a typical KAYAKOMAT operator like?  

All our operators are different! Many of our existing operators have a keen interest in the outdoors, but kayaking is not a requirement. Some already run other companies, while for others this is a first step in starting their own business. Some operate a station close to where they live, while others operate several stations within their region. Running a KAYAKOMAT is an enjoyable leisure activity that provides a desirable income to a small workload. It may also be that you see opportunities to get customers for other activities e.g. a kiosk, paddle, mini-golf, hotel or a campsite. If you own land near water but do not want to invest in a KAYAKOMAT yourself, you can also contact us and we will find a suitable operator for the site.  

What does it take to become a KAYAKOMAT operator?  

You need to have great drive and be attracted to freedom under your own responsibility. That you want to run your own business, but avoid a lot of the administrative work and have a stable and solid “parent company” to lean on. You can invest about 10,000 CAD in entry fees and spend a few hours a week on operational work during the season. This work includes making sure the KAYAKOMATs are in good condition, local marketing and customer service and is something you can outsource help with e.g. young people in your locality.  

What is the business model for KAYAKOMAT?  

Each KAYAKOMAT is run by a local operator. You will have the opportunity to earn a good income if you promote your station properly and it is in an attractive location. You will have rental income, but also income through reselling kayaks at the end of the season. Your fixed fees are mainly the monthly rental of Kayaks/SUPs and a subscription fee. As with other franchise concepts, you also make an investment in the concept when you start up. Please contact us for more information!  

What training do you offer?  

We have an initial training in the spring which we run via a digital meeting on several occasions and there are also digital meetings offered throughout the season. Our website for operators has all the information regarding equipment, marketing, customer support and much more. Throughout the year there is the opportunity to connect with other operators via our Facebook group. We also have a newsletter which is sent out digitally once a month with tips and news, as well as announcing the operator of the year.  

What is the establishment plan for KAYAKOMAT?  

Point 65 Sweden was the first company in Sweden with a digital booking system for kayak rentals and since 2006 had several manned rental stations. In 2020 KAYAKOMAT, unmanned kayak and SUP rental, was launched and by 2022 there were already 84 stations in Sweden and pilot stations in five other countries. In 2023, another 100 stations will be launched in Sweden and 100 more throughout Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France and Canada, with more locations to be added in other countries in 2024 and beyond. KAYAKOMAT is already the world's largest kayak and SUP rental company.     

Who is behind KAYAKOMAT? 

Point 65 of Sweden is the country's leading brand in the activity of kayaking and started the company KAYAKOMAT in 2020. Point 65 of Sweden is a family business at heart that has grown rapidly since 1999, it is both a producer and seller of kayaks and SUP boards. The products are characterized by their high quality, innovation, durability and stability. The head office is in Stockholm and has dealers all over the world.   

KAYAKOMAT in the media

We got a lot of media coverage this season, on radio, TV and many local newspapers. The KAYAKOMAT concept is really a novelty, shared both in national and local media. Our marketing team is actively involved in PR and is there to support you in media requests you receive. 

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