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Nigel Foster AIR

Nigel Foster AIR

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Advantages of buying this kayak/SUP:

- Easy to test paddle, get in touch via the number below or make a reservation at and paddle when you want.
- If you then buy it, you just send in the booking number and get the money back for the trial paddling.
- Factory warranty applies. Contact us or see Point65's website for more information.
- Buy local, avoid long distance shipping!
- Possibility of winter storage! It may be possible to pick up the kayak in the spring, please ask!
- On our website, you complete the purchase securely by card payment or swish to the company number.
- Point65 is one of Sweden's leading kayak manufacturers.



Ultra precision, Ultra light

This ultra-light version is, thanks to its foam-filled carbon fiber blade and oval-shaped carbon fiber shaft, even stiffer and lighter. Adjustable in 360 degrees and extendable 205-215cm.

The design of the blade with smooth surfaces on both the front and back gives the possibility of total control during maneuvering and less power consumption when paddling forward.



✔︎ Nigel Foster Design
✔︎ 100% handmade in carbon fiber/kevlar
✔︎ FoamCore

✔︎ Infinitely adjustable 360º
✔︎ 205-215cm telescopic

Dimensions & Weight

Leaf Carbon fiber with FoamCore
Shaft Kevlar/Carbon fiber
Adjustable angles 360º stepless
Color Black/Blue
Length 205 - 215 cm telescope
Weight 740 grams

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