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Compass 70P - Silva

Compass 70P - Silva

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Advantages of buying this kayak/SUP:

- Easy to test paddle, get in touch via the number below or make a reservation at and paddle when you want.
- If you then buy it, you just send in the booking number and get the money back for the trial paddling.
- Factory warranty applies. Contact us or see Point65's website for more information.
- Buy local, avoid long distance shipping!
- Possibility of winter storage! It may be possible to pick up the kayak in the spring, please ask!
- On our website, you complete the purchase securely by card payment or swish to the company number.
- Point65 is one of Sweden's leading kayak manufacturers.



The 70P is a "flush" compass for mounting on kayaks. Very elegant solution and great quality.
Mounted using screws in plastic kayaks. For mounting in fiberglass kayaks, drilling is required for screw & nut mounting.

Fits Point 65 Whiskey 16/18, XO17 Classic, DoubleShot, Bourbon 17, XP18, XP18 Spyder.

On Point 65 kayaks, the compass is mounted well away from the cockpit to avoid causing seasickness.

  • Dual landmarks - Can be read from the front and above.
  • Adapted for Point 65 Whiskey 16, Bourbon 17 and others.
  • Lightweight
  • Compact

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