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Room Runner

Room Runner

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Advantages of buying this kayak/SUP:

- Easy to test paddle, get in touch via the number below or make a reservation at and paddle when you want.
- If you then buy it, you just send in the booking number and get the money back for the trial paddling.
- Factory warranty applies. Contact us or see Point65's website for more information.
- Buy local, avoid long distance shipping!
- Possibility of winter storage! It may be possible to pick up the kayak in the spring, please ask!
- On our website, you complete the purchase securely by card payment or swish to the company number.
- Point65 is one of Sweden's leading kayak manufacturers.



The Point 65 Room Runner is an innovative
high-performance paddle surfboard with a displacement
with a displacement hole.

The displacement hull provides a fast and stable
a fast and stable board with good course stability.
course stability. This is a great advantage
advantage because, unlike a flat bottom SUP, you can paddle several
flat-bottomed SUP, you can paddle several times
before you have to change sides. The
RumRunner has a cargo hatch in the bow and is
and is ideal for paddling longer distances, as well as for exercise.
as well as for exercising. It's ice
extremely robust and stable, making it ideal for
ideal for charter. Its appearance
defined by clear lines, which makes it a fast machine.
makes it a fast machine. The Room
Runner 350 cm has a load capacity of 120 lbs.
capacity of 120 lbs.

A high performance board
The Rum Runner is fast and fun, yet comfortably stable with a good
comfortably stable with good course
course stability. The rotationally molded polyethylene
rotationally molded polyethylene construction
provides a combination of strength and
impact resistance that most other materials cannot match.
other materials cannot match.
Point65's Rum Runner also has
plenty of storage space in the bow.

Very versatile
The deck of the Rum Runner is
partially covered with a textured EVA foam
foam for comfort and paddle grip.
comfort and paddle grip. The foredeck has two built-in cups
cup holders and features a large oval hatch for
large oval hatch for easy loading in the locker compartment.
in the locker compartment.
The Rum Runner has a recessed area in the deck where the oar can be attached.
in the deck where the paddle can be attached.
The Rum Runner is also stackable and has
a low fin at the stern to improve course stability
stability, which also protects the keel and
the keel and extends the life of the board.
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