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Advantages of buying this kayak/SUP:

- Easy to test paddle, get in touch via the number below or make a reservation at and paddle when you want.
- If you then buy it, you just send in the booking number and get the money back for the trial paddling.
- Factory warranty applies. Contact us or see Point65's website for more information.
- Buy local, avoid long distance shipping!
- Possibility of winter storage! It may be possible to pick up the kayak in the spring, please ask!
- On our website, you complete the purchase securely by card payment or swish to the company number.
- Point65 is one of Sweden's leading kayak manufacturers.



Double Happiness
Why do our customers love the XO series?
Partly for their looks. We have yet to find a
better-looking 518 cm / 17 ́ tandem kayak.
They also love the XO series' performance
– the XO17 Tandem is probably the best
performing boat in its class on the market

The XO17 is prepared with rudder sleeve in
the back and rudder line tubes drawn into
the cockpit to enable easy conversion into a
rowing kayak. The cockpits include comfort-
able seats with adjustable backrests and
thigh braces.

A great recreational kayak for day excursions,
fishing, photographing, and just having fun,
there is a perfect XO17 for everyone. The
cockpit, designed for easy entry/exit, is large
enough to suit all types of paddlers. The
ergonomically designed seat provides leg
support and a comfortable paddling position.
Great looks, superb action.
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